America’s Newspapers receives support from the SNPA Foundation


The SNPA Foundation has announced that America’s Newspapers is the recipient of a $10,000 grant to help fund a national newspaper audience survey. The survey results will provide a detailed look at the expansive audience that newspapers deliver, and the critical position that newspapers hold in their markets. This information will be available to anyone in the industry, with detailed marketing components from the survey supplied to members of the America’s Newspapers Association at no charge.

Dean Ridings, CEO of the newspaper trade association America’s Newspapers, said, “We are excited and grateful for the support of the SNPA Foundation. Part of the research will cover the public’s view of public notices, which we think will provide excellent support for newspapers’ retaining public notices. America’s Newspapers Board of Directors believes this research is so important that ten board members have contributed to this important project.”

“We are thrilled to help America’s Newspapers,” said PJ Browning, the chair of the SNPA Foundation. The SNPA Foundation looks for unique projects like this, which can be scaled to help newspapers across the country. This worthy project does an excellent job of fitting our mission and the vision of the original founders of the SNPA Foundation.

The SNPA Foundation considers funding requests for programs and initiatives that support educational opportunities for the advancement of newspaper industry leaders, the creation of sustainable business models, and the technology that supports the advancement of the news eco-system.

The SNPA Foundation is especially interested in seeding projects that may start “locally,” but include the possibility of scaling to a national level; that have a broad impact on the public; or that enrich the racial diversity of professional ranks by drawing more talent into the newspaper industry.For more information about America’s Newspapers, contact Dean Ridings For more information about the SNPA Foundation, contact Edward VanHorn,